Custom Chuppahs

Custom Chuppahs

Jewish couples or anyone looking for a spectacular one-of-a-kind backdrop to their wedding day may
want to consider being married beneath a custom “chuppah” or canopy. My completely custom hand
painted silk canopies are an amazing way to bring vibrant color to your wedding, making an incredible
backdrop for photos. Why spend money on flowers for one day when you can commission a piece of
artwork you can treasure and keep forever? Ask me more about ideas for displaying the canopy in your
home after the wedding day.

What is a chuppah?

A chuppah or huppah is a canopy Jewish couple stand beneath during their wedding ceremony,
symbolizing the home the couple will build together. The word chuppah means covering or
protection, and is intended as a roof or covering for the bride and groom at their wedding. The
canopy is stretched or supported over four poles, or sometimes manually held up by attendants
to the ceremony. The only rule about the construction of a chuppah is that it be a temporary
structure made by human hands.

Your vision, my inspiration:

Let’s talk about the colors that you’d like to surround yourself with on your special day. I will
create a piece of art you can treasure, made to your specifications. The silk canopy measures
roughly 9ft x 4ft so there is plenty of room beneath the canopy for the bridal party. It is
lightweight and can be easily attached to poles of your choosing. I can give you more advice
about poles, how to hang the chuppah, and storage/display ideas, too.

How soon can you complete my chuppah?

I prefer a full month of lead time to create your custom chuppah, but I can work quickly when needed. Ask me also about any completed canopies I may have in stock if you are on a tight timeline.

Contact me today! Let’s talk about what we can create together.

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