Why Should Couples Hire Me?

Your wedding should be a reflection of you and your unique love story.

I provide fully bespoke wedding ceremonies created from scratch with your unique needs in mind, and I will work with you until every word is perfect.

I’m available to meet with you by phone, FaceTime, Zoom or in person, as you prefer.

During this call we can get to know more about each other, I’ll walk you through the process, answer all of your questions, and you can decide if the fit is right for you and if you’d like to move forward.

This is a free consultation, and I make the process easy and fun, I promise!

I love getting to know each couple personally, and I can promise you that the words that are spoken at your wedding will be a true reflection of who you are as a couple, in celebration of your love.

Queer friendly, I celebrate everyone’s happiness.

Please contact me and let’s begin the conversation

Typical Process

For New Clients

Getting to know one another is the most important first step!

Let’s talk about you and your partner’s unique love story, and how we can infuse your ceremony with personal details.

I’ll ask you a million questions to help me better understand your wants and dreams, and I’ll walk you though the ceremony step-by-step.

You will have the opportunity to read, review, and edit every word of the script before your big day to ensure your ceremony is perfect.


My Advice

To Couples


Trust your gut!

Vendors are easy to find, but how easy will they be to work with? Are the flexible? Do you get to set the tone of your ceremony? Do they “get” you and your vision?

Planning a wedding can be so stressful, make sure you pick someone who will work with you to ensure that nothing will add to that stress on your big day.

This is why I like to meet with couples and get to know them, and so that they can get to feel comfortable with me ahead of the ceremony.

When I got married deep in the midst of Covid, I didn’t stop to appreciate the importance of the ceremony, and how much I would come to regret being married by a stranger who didn’t know the first thing about us as a couple.

I strive to make each couple’s ceremony as special as they themselves are, and I will work closely with you to ensure each and every detail is perfectly “you”!

Get in touch

I will listen to your needs and go the extra mile, all to make your special day unforgettable. Ask me about day-of services I can provide on your wedding day! I’m here to help make your day magical.

Call today to book a free consultation!

Happy Clients

“Rachel was a true dream to work with. After just a few conversations, she designed our ceremony to reflect exactly who we are and it was as if she’d known us for years! She had a knack of asking exactly the right question in order to facilitate the perfect ceremony. She also made the process super simple! Rachel was punctual, responded immediately, and was so warm in her communication. My wife and I are so happy we found her services!”

Less than 5 minutes into our first Zoom meeting with Rachel, my fiancée (now wife!), Mollie grabbed my hand so tightly – we knew we’d found our person. Rachel LISTENED to every word we said, asked questions we hadn’t thought of yet, and walked us through her entire process. She is bright, incredibly well spoken, laid back (but on top of it!) and possibly the most patient person we’ve ever met! Best. Day. Ever. Cannot recommend highly enough—RACHEL ROCKS.”

“Rachel is simply magical and the cherry on our cake! She was bright and sunny, caring and funny. Se genuinely felt our love and fed off of our energy. When one unites people, and leads with passion and love, it is always a beautiful thing! Rachel was really a joyous addition to our day!


“Rachel was incredible! My partner and I were thrilled to have someone like Rachel to officiate at our wedding. Rachel listened to our vision of our ceremony and showed up with professionalism and heart. She spent time getting to know us, our love story, and why it was so important for us to be married in our way. She was so passionate and honored what it meant to be queer with a loveliness that felt sacred. AND she’s funny and charming. We couldn’t have asked for more!! I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

“Rachel of Custom Weddings is THE BEST!! She was so responsive and kind, and made our day just wonderful and stress-free. She was also incredibly responsive and punctual. She goes the extra mile in the little details and it shows. We HIGHLY recommend her services!”

“We absolutely could not have been happier with Rachel and Custom Weddings. My Wife and I had a decent idea of what to expect when choosing a caterer, florist, etc., but we knew less than nothing about creating our wedding ceremony. Rachel sat down with us and walked us through the process of designing a ceremony that was absolutely perfect for us. She presented us with so many options for all of the different sections of the ceremony that we felt as though the script had been created just for us. Not only that, but Rachel’s delivery was flawless; she was professional and well-spoken but also included enough humor to calm our nerves. If you want an officiant who will work with you to make your wedding perfect, then look no further! Rachel was the perfect choice for our ceremony and we can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Rachel was wonderful to work with. Our wedding was a surprise to all that attended and she
helped to facilitate the surprise. Rachel asked us a lot about our life together to personalize our
vows which made our wedding even more special.

My (now) wife and I wanted a procedural ceremony since we will be having a symbolic ceremony
abroad. Rachel was very easy to work with and managed to make the ceremony both meaningful
and straightforward. And she is genuinely good person! Highly recommended!

Thank you again for EVERYTHING! Such a joy working with you! You made our day spectacular!

Thank you for your beautiful words during our ceremony. Your empathy and willingness to get to know
us and all the other couples you work with will get you far in this industry. We love you and appreciate


Make It Legal

This is for you if: you just want to be married, no muss, no fuss! Short and sweet, this traditional ceremony clocks in at under 10 minutes.

My Vow To You

This is for you if: your vows are important to you—as they should be! A script that fits your wants and needs with personalized vow options, this ceremony is approximately 10-15 minutes long. Let’s create the perfect words for your perfect day.


This is for you if: there are other people you want to honor and include in your wedding—parents, grandparents, children and/or treasured friends. With script options, personal vows, additional side ceremonies and/or blessings, this ceremony can run 20-25 minutes. We will create the perfect ceremony to make your dreams a reality!

Fully Bespoke

This is for you if: You want your ceremony to be perfectly “you!” You want a big, joyous celebration and you want it to be unique, memorable, and yours alone. This is a one-of-a-kind fully customized ceremony with all the options in one. The ceremony is what makes you married, it’s the most important part of your whole day—why not go all in?


This is for you if: You want to celebrate your love and share your unique path to the altar with your guests. Any package* can be combined with your personalized love story. You’ll answer a few questions for me and I’ll write a couple of paragraphs for you about your unique love story and weave it into your script. This adds approximately 5 minutes to the ceremony run time.

Love story is included in Bespoke packages

Here are a few excerpts from past love stories I’ve written:

Kyle and Kelly first met 16 years ago, during their sophomore year of high
school. How lucky is the couple who get to come to the altar with a partner
they’ve known half of their lives? Through the years, Kelly has come to love
that Kyle is a true gentleman and can always find a way to make her laugh. In
return, Kyle loves how caring Kelly is and how she has always been there for
him, through good and bad times. Over time they have come to work together as
a team, who listen to each other and support each other no matter what. While
enjoying their individuality, at the end of the day these two treasure their time together most of all.

Heather and Tom first met at a birthday party at a restaurant in 2012. Though there were initial sparks, a pull, if you will, there was some hesitancy around their age difference-all of three years, by the way-and Tom didn’t make his move until a year or so later. He picked Heather up for their first date, playing music from one of her favorite bands, Switchfoot, in the car. On the drive to get sushi, Heather played “The Sunscreen Song” for Tom in the car and he knew then she was something special. Heather thought he was easy to talk to, thoughtful easygoing & loved that he liked to try new things Tom thought Heather was warm and charming. What makes this relationship work has been the chance to grow together, along with the trust and honesty that has been earned over time and allows this couple to be truly open and free with each other.

Today, TAYLOR and RALPH embark on a brand new adventure together, perhaps
their biggest yet. This couple loves to experience life together and to grow
together as people. They love nature and doing all things outdoors, as
evidenced by this beautiful setting they have brought us all here to today.
TAYLOR loves how caring and grounded RALPH is, she describes him as a pillar
of strength. RALPH describes TAYLOR as a joyous person, and loves her wit,
her high energy, and her strong will. The immediate spark they each felt that
destined day on April 17 th , 2016 when they first met on a rooftop has
deepened over time, and today these likeminded best friends each care for the
other more than anything. Today, they have chosen to marry because, as RALPH
said to me, “it was a natural step when TAYLOR is already my world.” They
look forward to sharing a future filled with more happiness, travel, good
memories, and more of the love and support they feel so deeply here with you.

Savanna and James first met in July of 2019, through the least likely cupid of all-Grubhub. With a company lunch allowance burning a hole in her pocket, Savanna made a bold choice: trying something healthy. It turns out that Savanna’s first foray into green juice pleasantly surprised her. The juice, yes, but more so James, the handsome guy behind the counter. Cue James, who only a month earlier had spoken out loud what he wanted to manifest in a partner: an older woman, someone more successful than he was, and one who had her life together so that she could help him grow into the person he was always meant to be. Then in walked Savanna…








$600 *(Mon-Wed only)









LOVE STORY ADD-ON to any package $350


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